• Välkommen till Ateljen vid Odenplan!

    Här bredvid hittar ni mina populäraste gallerier, men kika gärna in under portfolio där Du hittar många fler bilder som bloggats under åren!

Drop-in visit from Ukraine

Today a couple came in to the studio, they were from Ukraine on vacation and he was a photographer. They asked if they could take pictures in the studio, at first I thought they meant pictures of the studio itself, but after a while I understood. They wanted to be photographed. He had for some time gone around in different studios in Ukraine, mostly in small cities, and asked them to take a typical client picture. To see how different we all work. They asked how much it would cost, but I thought it was a fun thing so if they send me other pictures from the project I would do it for free. He showed me a few on his phone, some where soo fun, him photographed in studio and then photoshopped in front of a forest, in studio with very special backgrounds, etc.

these are my contribution 🙂 We just took pictures for 5 minutes but I think they look pretty relaxed!



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