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    Här bredvid hittar ni mina populäraste gallerier, men kika gärna in under portfolio där Du hittar många fler bilder som bloggats under åren!

Trash the dress-Emma & Rickard

I had so much fun today! The great and very sweet Danielle Pousette, photographer from Kentucky, visited me today. Danielle came by my studio over a year ago and we emediatly got along, since the we’ve e-mailed each other back and forth and now she came back to Sweden for two weeks with her swedish husband. Klick here to see her website! And today was a perfect day for her to come to Stockholm because I had a “trash the dress” session planned with Emma & Richard! I shot their wedding on june 6th and while shooting the wedding pictures we started talking about the trashing… Last week Richard called me up and said that monday (today) would be a perfect day for this since it was Emmas birthday and we could surprise her. Emma did looked surprised to see me and Danielle in their flat at noon today, surprised and excited! We had a McDonald lunch accompanied by champagne while planning the day. Since I fell in love with Millesgården when I shot the wedding there this saturday I suggested the place , and they agreed on the location! So off we went!

Here are some of the about 800 pictures I got from today! Emma and Rickard are really a fun couple to shoot, their passion for eachother is wonderful to witness, such energy, such love! You are just great! We had sooo much fun! And to have Danielle with me just added to todays success! It’s really great to be two photographers sharing ideas! 

And if you want to see pictures from this wonderful couple’s wedding, just klick here!

Happy birthday Emma!

Petra - Vilka läckra bilder och så kul att du fick en chans att åka dit igen. Hoppas att jag får en chans att åka dit någon gång jag med för det ser jätte läckert ut.

Jenny Blad - Läckra bilder!!!

Rickard Riblom - Tack Åsa för otroligt bra bilder! Det här var bland det roligaste vi gjort! Helt galet och kuuuul! Vi var helt slut efteråt.

Plaskbilderna och fontänvattnet blev riktigt snyggt på en hel del av bilderna. Hoppas bara vi inte stänkte ner kameran med vatten.

Jag ser fram mot att se alla de bilder som inte får plats på bloggen. Det känns roligt att det blev så lyckat! Starkt jobbat av dig! Tack!

Emma Riblom - Tack för igår Åsa och Danielle! Det var sjukt roligt att få leka i sin brudklänning och bilderna är helt underbara! Det blev en oförglömlig födelsedag tackvare er och min man 🙂

Ulrika - Trash the dress och Trash the frack 🙂
Jättefina bilder!

Danielle - Richard, Emma, and Asa what can I say. This was a fantastic day. I am thrilled to be a part of these amazing memories that are forever captured. Your love for each other is intoxicating! And Asa, you are simply one of the most talented photographers I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. The clients that find their way to you are some of the luckiest people in the world, because for them you create art that transcends. How lovely to have this kind of photographic record. I adored this entire day!!

Lindísima - Ah… det här paret måste väl kunna tapetsera hemmet med ursnygga bilder vid det här laget :-)! Mycket snyggt och detsamma gäller för deras vanliga bröllopsbilder.

Katrin Svensson - Läckert

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